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Aquarium Filter Sponge Shrimp Fry Fish Tank Filter

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تفاصيل التعبئة والتغليفCarton Box, Wooden Pallet, Wooden Crate or as your requirement

إنتاجية10000pcs per week


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تفاصيل التجارة القدرة علي التوريد10000pcs per week


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الدفع نوعL/C,T/T,Paypal,Western Union


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Product Description

Sponge Filters: Cheap Mechanical and Bio Filtration for Your Aquarium

In fact, your local fish store likely uses sponge filters in their tanks.
These guys are trusting sponge filters to take care of hundreds of thousands of dollar’s worth of fish…
What is a sponge filter, and how does it work?
A sponge filter is little more than a piece of foam that sits inside your aquarium and filters your water.
They are typically made up of four different parts:
1. Foam sponge – It wouldn’t be a sponge filter without it.
2. Weighted base – Stops the sponge filter from floating around your tank. The sponge sits on top of this base.
3. Strainer and bulls eye – Slides inside the sponge and allows you to connect airline tubing directly to the filter.
4. Lift tube – Water flows up this and back into your tank.
While it may not look like much, these four parts actually form a very effective filter.
Key Features

Why do you need a sponge filter?

1. Easiest method of biological filtration
2. It’s a 2-in-1filter: mechanical and biological
3. It’s fry and shrimp safe
4. It’s a filter that is always cycled!
5. No strong current
6. Power outage friendly
7. Sponge filters are cheap!
As you see, there are several amazing reasons why a sponge filter would make a great addition to your tank!
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How do you clean a sponge filter?

Over time, your sponge filter will begin to clog.
And when this happens, a quick clean is all it will take to get the sponge filter running as good as new.
The one thing you need to remember is:
Never clean a sponge filter with tap water!
A sponge filter contains bacteria essential to the health of your tank.
The chlorine in your tap water will kill all this bacteria, leaving you with a useless sponge.
While cleaning a sponge filter is easy enough, there are a few things you need to be mindful of.
For instance, if you reach into your tank to grab the sponge filter, you are going to leave behind all the gunk it has collected and make a real mess of your aquarium.
We suggest to clean sponge filter during a water change.

Step 1: Grab a fish bag
Step 2. Scoop up your sponge filter
Step 3. Squeeze the gunk out
Step 4. Repeat
Step 5. Return the sponge filter to your aquarium
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  • Aquarium Filter Sponge Shrimp Fry Fish Tank Filter
  • Aquarium Filter Sponge Shrimp Fry Fish Tank Filter
  • Aquarium Filter Sponge Shrimp Fry Fish Tank Filter
  • Aquarium Filter Sponge Shrimp Fry Fish Tank Filter
  • Aquarium Filter Sponge Shrimp Fry Fish Tank Filter
  • Aquarium Filter Sponge Shrimp Fry Fish Tank Filter
  • Aquarium Filter Sponge Shrimp Fry Fish Tank Filter
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